Recently in a sermon I explain that the Christian worldview can be used to help believers rightly understand the world around us. As we go through life there will be many problems, controversies and issues. If we are able to quickly asses the situation and identify the fundamental issue then we will be able to answer and react in a biblically profitable way. Application of the Christian worldview goes a long way to helping us to talk to these issues.

For summary the Christian worldview is broken down into four major categories; creation, fall, redemption and return. These four categories are the major themes of the bible’s story of all reality. They remind us that 1) there is a God who created everything and who is the standard of morality and ethics. 2) Man, God’s human creations have fallen and are separated from God because they act in a sinful manner. 3) God’s son Jesus Christ comes into the world to redeem and restore humanity back to their creator. 4) Jesus will return once again in final judgement to make all things right.

There recently have been a string of prominent firings and resignations in the media and political spheres due accusations of sexual harassment. I thought this would be a good topic to use to show how only the Christian worldview identifies the fundamental problems and therefore will provide the most effective solutions.

First for the perpetrators of these acts, they are directly contradicting the implications of creation. They are not recognizing that themselves and especially their victims have been created in the image of God. Given this everyone has intrinsic worth that must be recognized and respected. As a result of creation our bodies, sex, gender and sexuality are gifts from God and each of those are sacred and come with immense moral and ethical implications. Sexual harassment then is a violation of sacred gifts given to the individual by God which a meant for God’s purpose not another’s sinful pleasures.

Second when considering this issue we see the impact of man being fallen and sinful. Some might say that power corrupts an individual, and absolute power corrupts, absolutely. But when we consider the fallen state of man we know that power just reveals the corruption that is already within a persons being. So although it is normal to morally demand more from our leaders. We should not be surprised when those in powerful positions expose their fallen state through these corrupt acts.

Also when the fallen state of man is not recognized the reaction to end these kind of acts are inept. Notice how those in the political sphere have reacted. They are recommending sexual harassment education for it members. The fundamental idea here is that maybe the perpetrator just didn’t know that sexual harassment and assault was wrong because they weren’t educated on the issue.  If we simply explain to them that this is wrong then they will not do it anymore. How naive? Of course these malefactors know what they were doing was wrong. They just thought their power and position would prevent them from being caught.

The Christian worldview can also inform our recommendations for solutions. First and foremost Christians recommend salvation and redemption through Jesus Christ. We recognize until a person has been thoroughly changed by the power of Christ through the working of the Holy Spirit there is no hope to impact these happenings. But the Christian worldview can inform our practical recommendations also. For me in this instance I recommend term limits. No matter how successful, accomplished, powerful or iconic the politician might be they are fallen individuals and as such are susceptible to corruption. Given this their hands must be on the levers of power for a short while. Allowing them to do their best and then move on. Although, I recognize that even this solution may not prevent every instance of these actions I think it at least considers and try to get at the fundamental problem of fallen humanity and sin.

I would be interested in what you would recommend given your understanding of the Christian worldview. Let me know in the comments.

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