Everything changes when we meet Christ, when we come to see him as Savior and Lord. We cannot come into relationship with so powerful a character as Jesus and not be changed. Getting to know just a minor portion of His identity will make a world of difference for us because we begin to see all of reality through a different prism. We the created Universe under the authority of it maker and we see our sinful undone souls in the presence of such a awesome and righteous God. It is then that we see a loving and merciful Lord who identifies with our struggles and does the work to carry us through our sinful propensities in this life to a sinless eternal existence in the next life.

We see this overwhelming impact when Jesus meets his first disciples in the gospel of John 1:29-42. In this passage the person of Christ is recognized as the Lamb of God, pre-existent to all creation, the Son of God, Master teacher and Messiah.

Now notice the impact and inspiration ignited within those who have recognized these things in the person of Christ. In verse 34 John the Baptist testifies that Jesus is the Son of God. In verse 36 he tells his disciples look “The Lamb of God.” In verse 37 the men begin to follow Jesus. In verse 38 they wish to learn from Him and go out of their way to meet with him. In verse 41 Andrew after meeting Jesus he runs to get his brother Simon. In verse 42 Simon gets a new name which is related to his new calling as a follower of Christ.

Although none of these disciples are totally aware of all that Jesus was or would do, we can see that they are significantly changed by their initial meeting with Christ.

Have we seen Christ, even if in a small manner, in any of these significant ways? If so let the small view and understanding of Christ exact the change in us that follows from so special an encounter. And as we learn more of who Christ is the fire of His calling eventually consumes us and inevitably impacts those around us.

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