Therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.[1] It is of the utmost comfort to know that the believer in Christ has been totally and completely justified, made right in the sight of God. Our sin is erased and removed and is no longer held against us. Through faith God makes the great exchange where all of the punishment, judgement and guilt due to our sins are placed on Christ and all of the love, mercy and reward due the perfect life of Christ is imputed, counted and credited to us. We have been justified, in the words of our Lord, “it is finished”.[2]

Although our position in Christ and relationship with God has been totally secured it is often disappointing as we struggle with consistently taking on right actions. Although we have been saved from the final results of original sin we are still fallen creatures with a sinful nature that is constantly conflicted with the regenerated spirit given us by God. “The mortar wherein garlic has been stamped will smell of it; so all our actions will savor something of the old man.”[3]

We are and for the span of this life will continue to be in the process of sanctification. God through His spirit is constantly leading, guiding and training us. Although we will not reach perfection, we will be molded with more clarity and more distinction into the image of Christ.[4] Therefore let us not despair in our daily struggles with sin as if we have lost our standing with God. Our standing with God is secured not by our works but by those of Jesus Christ. Additionally let us not despise the process of sanctification. Take solace in knowing that God leaves no work unfinished. God in the work of sanctification, though he favors his work in us, yet he does not favor sin in us; for he will never take his hand from his work, until he has taken away sin, even in its very being, from our natures.[5]


[1] Romans 5:1

[2] John 19:30

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[4] Romans 8:29

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One thought on “Justified While Being Sanctified

  1. My sin tends to manifest on the Antinomian side of the divide.
    I am greatly encouraged by the account of the thief on the cross who was saved.
    He didn’t have too much conscious reflection on Sanctification going on… but yes, that is no excuse. I know.

    This is edifying information you provide. Imputed righteousness is an amazing concept.

    I must confess, it is not easy to get enthused about “mortifying the flesh” and “dying to self” ☺


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