One thing I despise about social media is the phenomena of the meme. Especially when it is used to capture complex topics in a few lines imposed over a photo. However I must admit they can be good tools to lead to deeper conversation especially when others are aware that the meme is only a snapshot if the issue.

The captions below are from a Facebook post that touched on some of the issues surrounding God, morality and ethics.

Let me say I have nothing but respect for the person in the thread and I consider them a friend despite our difference in philosophy.




My friend here is reasoning from the indicative and concluding in the imperative, this is impossible. The study of science, societies and cultures can only tell you what is and can never tell you what ought to be. How should I live? Is only a question that can be answered if you have knowledge of the transcendent standard by which all humanity past present and future can be judged. Christians know this standard to be a personal God who is the righteous judge of all the world.

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